Frequently asked questions

Joining wndr

What's in it for me?

wndr provides you with a new stream of income, that fits seamlessly into your usual processes.

If you create travel content, you know that hotel prices are always a concern for travelers. You must get asked about it all the time.
At wndr, we understand how important this is, and created a simple tool that answer this concern, while also creating an additional incentive for people to follow your socials.

We don't ask you to promote wndr, it's the opposite - wndr gives you another tool to promote yourself and connect to your audience.
And of course, our great hotel deals are also available for you, not just your followers!

How do I join wndr?

Easy, just apply here and our team will contact you shortly.

Working with wndr

How do I make money from wndr?

You get a commission for each booking made through your link. We have several commission tiers, based on booking volume, with larger volumes making a higher commission.

How do I get exclusive hotel rates?

Our system is connected to more than 1,000,000 hotels with worldwide coverage that are providing special community rates to creators who are using wndr.

How should I promote my booking page?

You can promote your page in whatever way matches your style and brand. We offer guidelines, ideas and examples for what we already know that works, but you are free to put your on flavor on it.